“Segrave Aviation has worked closely with Jeff Deaton on many projects and can highly recommend his company for your detailing needs.”

Ryan Segrave
Segrave Aviation, Inc.

Award-Winning Expertise and Passion In Every Job

Jeff Deaton puts over 35 years of expertise and passion into every aircraft service job. That passion began when Jeff was a youngster, hanging around the local airport, and by the time he was fifteen, he was flying with his father. Jeff’s love of flying later led him to a career in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served as a Plane Captain and was responsible for the final safety inspection of an aircraft prior to flight. His experience and attention to detail earned him numerous awards over the course of that career; twice he received medals for saving an aircraft from catastrophic failure. His own personal aircraft, a 1954 Bonanza that he meticulously restored over a nine-year period, has earned him numerous awards including Grand Champion at the Sun 'n Fun airshow and the Charles Lindbergh Championship Award in Oshkosh.

Rest assured, your aircraft will receive the absolute best care from our experienced team. That’s because Jeff Deaton makes sure that each aircraft service gets the same care that he gives his ’54 Bonanza.

Aircraft Detailing Service

Our aircraft service begins with a client consultation to identify the client needs and concerns. Most detail service includes properly cover pilot tubes and static vents, wash aircraft sections one at a time, drying each section to prevent spotting, clean wheel wells, wheels, rims, brake areas, belly, and antennas properly. Lower flaps and clean, wax all areas of aircraft, polish spinner and other metal areas if requested, gently and properly clean all windows and windshields, clean cabin, dust avionics panel, vacuum all interior areas, clean seats and leather and apply leather conditioner. Properly cleaned and detailed aircraft will help retain value and appearance and result in lower fuel burn due to less dynamic drag from buildup of oil, dirt and contaminants on aircraft. All aircraft will be final inspected by Jeff Deaton.

We offer complimentary consultations. Give us a call and we’ll arrange to meet with you, discuss your project in more detail and give you a firm cost!

Aviation Accolades

“This is where I would spend my free time working on this project and I poured all my detail experience into it and it all paid off.” ~Jeff Deaton

  • Featured locally numerous times on FOX Eastern Carolina, Channel 12
  • Received four feature length articles in the Carteret News-Times
  • Included in the ABS (American Bonanza Society) Magazine with four featured magazine articles. 2010 cover of Vintage magazine with a 10 page article detailing the restoration
  • An award-winning, nine-year restoration project completed on the plane Jeff personally owns, a 1954 Bonanza.
  • The Bonanza has won most every major aircraft restoration award in the U.S. spanning from 2004-2007.
  • In 2007, the Bonanza and Jeff were awarded Grand Champion at Sun-n-Fun, the 2nd largest air show in the US.
  • Awarded the Charles Lindbergh Award at Oshkosh, which is the National Championship and the largest air show in the US each year.
  • Featured in an EAA produced film, with Harrison Ford narrating, "Spirit of Aviation."
  • In 2008, Jeff was selected as a judge for these high profile air shows due to his past awards and experience...