“My boat looks Showroom condition.”

Gregg Rhue
23’ Parker
Radio Island Causeway Marina

Our Value is Found in The Details of How We Work

Like its individual owner, each vessel and aircraft is unique and so, presents its own set of unique maintenance challenges. While we are pleased to provide you an estimated cost for our services based on some basic specifications and criteria, we prefer not to commit to a firm cost without the opportunity to examine your boat or aircraft thoroughly. To that end, we offer complimentary consultations. Give us a call and we’ll arrange to meet with you, discuss your project in more detail and provide you a firm cost. It is important to us that you get the best service possible. This, we believe, is the first step in delivering excellent communication and service. We have put years of thought and expertise into our process. So if you are comparing us to our competitors take in account our process and make sure you are comparing apples to apples. We know you will find we are the value in exchange for the service provided. We guarantee it!

We begin by assessing each boat and discuss with each customer to identify individual needs and concerns. Detailing the boat will include: initial cleaning of all areas, removal of water line stains, scuff marks and rust stains. All areas will be waxed or compounded depending on condition; this includes all fiberglass, metal, glass, lexan surface areas, motors and lower units. All compartments will be cleaned of all stains as possible; curtains will be washed cleaned and polished with 210. If selected, the cabin will be completely cleaned; removing stains and mildew from all areas. We will clean and remove stains from all cushions. The boat will receive a final detailed wash and chamoie and all areas inspected by a crew leader. We highly recommend having the boat detailed every 6 months with regular proper washes in between to keep your boat in great shape.

Metal/Bright Work:
All areas will be washed to remove any dirt and salt products, and then all areas will be waxed and/or polished to provide both a beautiful product and protection.

Teak Maintenance and Refinishing:
Depending on the customer’s request, we will clean all teak areas with a 2-part cleaner to restore teak to its beautiful state. Varnish projects will be sanded between each coat either sprayed on or brushed to build up to a very deep gloss shine on the selected project areas. We also offer scheduled teak maintenance programs to keep the teak in optimal shape.

Weekly and Bi-weekly Cleaning Service:
We can come to your boat at your dock on a scheduled basis. We completely wash the boat, removing stains and mildew from all areas. Al compartments are cleaned and checked. We wash the curtains and chamoie the entire boat to make sure it looks great. We can also clean the cabin if requested. Any problems that are noted on the boat are reported to crew leader and we will call the customer to advise.

Dive Work:
We also provide scheduled bottom cleanings, barnacle removal, zincs, inspections, prop removal and replacement, thru hull and intake cleaning.

New Boat Preps:
Many clients and marine partners take advantage of our complete clean and detail service for new boat deliveries. We remove all stains, wax all fiberglass areas, all metal, clean cabins, and polish curtains.

Hurricane Preps:
As an additional service to our customers, we can stow all loose gear on your boat, add additional dock lines, ensure all hatches are secure, remove curtains and cushions, arrange removal of your boat to secure location, make sure batteries are in proper order for bilge pumps to work, ensuring drains are not clogged, lowering and securing antennas, checking property after storm and calling customer with report including taking pictures and video to document any damage for insurance. We assume no liability for hurricane damage. We are just trying to do our best to minimize damage and customer concern; the best prevention is to remove your boat from the area. Deaton’s Yacht Service customers on cleaning programs will be first priority.

Aircraft Detailing:
The process begins by meeting with customer to identify any needs and concerns. Our detailing service includes properly cover pilot tubes and static vents, wash aircraft sections one at a time, drying each section to prevent spotting, clean wheel wells, wheels, rims, brake areas, belly, and antennas properly. Lower flaps and clean, wax all areas of aircraft, polish spinner and other metal areas if requested, gently and properly clean all windows and windshields, clean cabin, dust avionics panel, vacuum all interior areas, clean seats and leather and apply leather conditioner. Properly cleaned and detailed aircraft will help retain value and appearance and result in lower fuel burn due to less dynamic drag from buildup of oil, dirt and contaminants on aircraft. Aircraft will be final inspected by Jeff Deaton.